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Benefits of Eco-Briquettes

Briquettes are produced from pure wood chip with no additives. They have an average moisture content of 6-8% and are suitable for all wood burning appliances and due to being so dry, it provides very high heat output and a convenient source of heat for occasional burning or overnight burning on stoves

 Shape: Briquette

  Moisture average content: 6-8%

  Size:  9.5 cm x 6.5 cm x15.5 cm

  Diameter: 10 cm

  Caloric Power: 5.0 kwh/kg    

  Density:  1 g/cm3

  Ash Content: <2 %

  Composition: Beech


Eco Briquettes have a moisture level of 5 to 10%.

A log that is considered to be dry has a moisture level of below 25% (ideally around 16%).

Wood that is considered to be wet has a moisture level of above 25% (typically 40% and above).

Eco briquettes come in sealed plastic bags so you know that the moisture content will be 5-10% when they are opened for use.

It is a researched fact that it takes 6 wet logs to produce the same heat into a room as 1 dry log.

Eco briquettes are pressed at a very high pressure and so are more dense than a hardwood log thus equivalent to more than six wet logs.


Calorific values

Wet wood 1500 Kcal/Kg

Dry wood 3500Kcal/Kg

Eco briquette 4600Kcal/Kg


Typically 0.5-0.6%


Less than 10%


Each block measures (approx) 15 x 9 x 6 cm

There are 12 eco briquettes in each bag

Each bag weighs 10Kg approx

1 ton of eco briquettes will take up 1 square metre or less if it is stacked higher, ideal for those customers with limited space.