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Supply, Installation, and Servicing of Multi-Fuel Stoves

Our Company service any make of solid fuel/wood burning appliance including agas/rayburns  We will service most vaporising flame appliances, also including agas/rayburns etc.

Unfortunately we do not service pressure jet appliances, ie central heating boilers, newer models of agas rayburns. to tell the difference, vaporising flame appliances don't make any noise when the're running, and generally are on most of the time.

pressure jet appliances make a noise when they're running, and only run when heat is required.

The most common makes of solid fuel stove are, Clearview, Morso, villager, hunter, woodwarm, charnwood, Jotul, scan, yeoman, stovax, harmony.

the most common oil stove is Harmony

Unless you live here  You need one of these  CALL US FOR ANY HELP OR ADVICE YOU MAY NEED